“The aim is to do justice to questions of meaning and truth and also to engage with questions of commitment, norms and values.”

David F. Ford, 1999.

STEPS (Sociology, Theology, Ethics, Politics and Social Sciences) is all about understanding the world and our role within it. We aim to study the world through multiple perspectives; we look at the value of life through religious and philosophical lenses. We study how the country is governed through political lenses. We investigate equality through ethical lenses. The objective of STEPS is to develop students who can critically understand the world and are able to live happy and healthy lives within it. We develop critical thinking skills through studying philosophy, ethics and politics. We build self-resilience through public speaking. We teach empathy, tolerance and respect through studying different religious and political ways of thinking. At Tudor Grange Samworth Academy, our Christian ethos is articulated through our Trust shared values.

Curriculum Documentation