Where words fail, music speaks.

Hans Christian Andersen

Here at Tudor Grange Samworth Academy the Music Department is committed to enriching the musical lives and experiences of our students. We provide an opportunity for all students to explore and refine musical techniques on a variety of instruments from guitar and piano to steel pans and to perform alongside others as part of a band or choir as part of our extra-curricular programme. We appreciate how diverse exposure to a range of musical genres and cultures can inspire our students and aim to equip all students with the specialist vocabulary to communicate their opinions in an effective way. The curriculum at TGSA is tailored to enable students to develop their abilities in the three main areas of study, Performing, Composing and Listening and Appraising. Topic areas are specially designed to develop and embed performance ability and theoretical knowledge in all three areas giving students the confidence to be creative, the knowledge and passion to succeed and an appreciation for the complex and beautiful language of music.

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