Pupils can be awarded merits for hard work and dedication to their lessons by all their teachers. Staff log merits on Bromcom which connects to the “My Child at School” app allowing parents to keep track of how many merits their child has.

At the end of each half term all pupils who have received 20 merits or more will be able to choose a prize.

Here are some of the prizes on offer to our students:

Merits ReceivedPrizes on Offer
20 MeritsJump the lunch queue voucher
A hot drink or cookie
Eraser & sharpener set
30 MeritsGCSE revision guide
TGSA tie
A hot drink and cookie
2x queue jump vouchers
Fidget ball
50 Merits5 pack stationery set
Pencil case set/art set
A4 sketchbook and pencils
Scientific calculator
Free hot drink for 5 days
Free cookie for 5 days
5x queue jump vouchers
75 MeritsBasketball
£5 Amazon voucher
7x queue jump vouchers
Free hot drink for 5 days
Free cookie for 5 days
100 MeritsVouchers (or a combination of prizes above)
£10.00 voucher – 100 merits
£15.00 voucher – 150 merits
£20.00 voucher – 200 merits
£25.00 voucher – 250 merits
300 MeritsAmazon Kindle