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RT @MissR_TGSA: Year 8 door tags. Circuits and LED lights #letshearitfortheboys well done boys! Great work completing your DT project @TGSA

Learning Mentor Grade 4, Tudor Grange Samworth Academy, Leicester https://t.co/BmnmyqD6YI

Getting really excited about our first pantomime @TGSAThe_Arts https://t.co/zhyeG9GuRO

Simply brilliant @TGSAPrimary . Fantastic to see hundreds of parents who are proud of their children’s work. I wa… https://t.co/cn63RQmBaf

RT @TGSA_MFL: Thank you #TGSA_Year11 for joining P6 today and for making it so engaging @TGATrust @TGSAPrincipal @MortonSlt

RT @TGSA_MFL: When you find this footnote in an assessment, it's so sweet🤗 @TGATrust @TGSAPrincipal @MortonSlt

The only cup being lifted by a Man City fan this season? Well deserved Mrs L! https://t.co/n0LJ5qauN5

RT @MissR_TGSA: Another ‘mugging’ took place this morning. The recipient was there when I delivered so asked for a photo! #wellbeing #happi

RT @TGSA_MFL: Amazing piece of writing #TGSA_Year9 I wonder what are they going to produce in Year 11? @TGSAPrincipal @MortonSlt @TGATrust

The power of teachers. At TGSA we pride ourselves on building powerful relationships with students and inspiring t… https://t.co/tfKk7aVCaK

RT @MissR_TGSA: What a lovely fresh, crisp sunny morning!

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Safe and Happy

Within an aspirational, positive and caring Christian ethos, Tudor Grange Samworth Academy provides a safe, happy and purposeful environment which allows every child to flourish and make a valuable contribution to the academy and wider community.

World Class

We strive to provide a world class education which develops the full potential of each and every student, giving them the opportunity to compete in any field, no matter what their starting point.

Resilient Learners

The “norm” for students in this school is a love of learning, working hard and respecting others. Our focus on developing the TUDOR Habits encourages students to see mistakes as a learning opportunity.

Christian and British Values

The TUDOR values of Tolerance, Unity, Democracy, Opportunity and Respect run through all aspects of academy life. We pride ourselves on our college (Secondary) and class (Primary) system that allows students to feel part of a smaller community within the academy. Our system ensures that all students have access to the support they need and provides opportunities to celebrate the successes they achieve. It also provides every student with opportunities to support their school and wider community.

Passion, Clarity and Belief

We aim to develop teachers for whom clarity, passion and belief are at the core of everything they do and teachers who are disciplined and can work effectively with each other and with other staff from a range of educational domains.

Finally, it is a privilege for me to lead such a wonderful group of students and staff. I hope that the website gives you valuable insight into life at the academy.

Mr Alan Wilkinson

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We pride ourselves on our college system that allows all of our pupils to feel part of a smaller community within the Academy.

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