Year 3

Welcome to Year 3’s year group page. This page contains general information to support parents/carers of children in Year 3. We also have class pages on Class Dojo, a secure website which can only be accessed by parents/carers of children in Year 3 at TGSA. This is where we will upload photographs and updates of what is going on in our classes. You can also use Class Dojo to get in touch with us and share the work that you child is doing at home.

Our Blog

May 2022

In PSHE, Year 3 have been learning about friendship skills including taking turns and repairing broken friendships. We used Nugget (the rabbit) to encourage children to have restorative conversations with each other.

March 2022

This week, year 3 have been learning about the artist Georgia O'Keefe. The children have been learning to use oil pastels to create their own artwork. They have used blending techniques to create different textures within their work. They have really enjoyed being able to express their themselves with the bright colours.

February 2022

This week, year 3 have been learning about forces and magnets. The children investigated the amount of force needed to move a car on different surfaces, making predictions and recording results afterwards. To explore magnetism, the children used a range of magnets and tested different objects before concluding which objects are magnetic. They particularly enjoyed collecting pins using the magnets!

Year 3 spent number day exploring numbers in the real world. Children took inspiration from Jasper Johns to create number art work. The children had great fun spending their money at the cake sale and calculating change before heading outside for a number hunt.

January 2022

Year 3 have been learning to write persuasively, using the text ‘One Plastic Bag’ as a hook. Children have been learning about the environment and pollution. Focussing on plastic pollution and deforestation, the children have really engaged with important topical issues and they really want to make a change! We have even been out to make a difference to the local area by cleaning up plastic waste. Our independent writing was a joy to read and the children are so confident in explaining why pollution is a problem.