Student Voice – Student Council

The student council is made up of 16 student representatives. The council’s role is to work with the teaching staff at the Academy to ensure that student ideas and concerns are shared. The student council then work together and with teaching staff to ensure that the ideas of the council are taken forward and concerns are addressed.

The student council is one of the mechanisms that we use to promote the Tudor value of democracy, as the members have all been elected into their positions by their peers.

Mary Uwimana (Cambridge)
Jemma-Jane Neville (Cambridge)
Miriam Kanketa (Oxford)
Julia Lazowska (Durham)
Kieran White (Warwick)
Kai Mitchell (Oxford)
Mohima Ashrif (Durham)
Sky Durrance (Warwick)
Channpreet Rai (Warwick)
Branson Kouaya (Oxford)
Paris Tott (Durham)
Jake Tuckley (Cambridge)
Fatima Omar (Oxford)
Arshveer Rai (Warwick)
Tiia Greaves (Durham)
Chloe White (Durham)