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Welcome to the extended reading page. This page is here to deliver the gift of reading because research shows that “Teens who choose to read for pleasure are more likely to succeed in life”.

These articles have been posted to help students become more familiar with non-fiction texts. The vital skills such as writing to persuade are a key part of their GCSE English exam. We also hope that these articles will broaden student knowledge of the world and provoke thought on a range of subjects.

Happy reading…

Helping the Hoarders

Playing video games, not using social media, linked to poor exam results

Nervous anticipation as world welcomes 2017

Your 2016 person of the year: Bana Alabed

2016 in review: America’s second civil war

Transcript of Obama’s 2016 State of the Union Address

Coca-Cola paying diet experts to counter obesity claims? I’m not surprised – what I saw there horrified me

A letter to … The woman who stared at our disabled son

A moment that changed me: being made head girl

Social media is making us depressed: let’s learn to turn it off

How can Lidl sell jeans for £5.99? Easy… pay people 23p an hour to make them

Cereal is the most normal thing you can eat. But do you eat it correctly?

Our roads are choked. We’re on the verge of carmageddon

As athletes, we are role models. Tyson Fury has no excuse

Technology and the death of civilisation


Modern technology has many advantages and we know that a number of our students enjoy playing on their tablets, smart phones and computers. We want our students to enjoy some down time but would encourage them to try one of the apps below for just 10 minutes every time they play on a device. The games are fun and help with their number skills at the same time. Happy playing!

App 1:  10 Minutes a Day Times Tables

App 2:  Times Tables Quiz!

App 3:  Squeebles Times Tables 2

App 4:  Ninja Factor

App 5:  Maths Wiz

App 6:  Oh No Fractions!

App 7:  Number Pieces

App 8:  Puffin Academy


Repetition is a key part of mastering Maths skills and we have provided the following resources with a view to students doing 10 minutes practice every day. The link below is for the NINJA numbers worksheets that students will be familiar with from their Maths lessons at the academy. They include separate question and answer sheets so parents or other family members can get involved in checking answers. We recommend 1 sheet per session, the session should last no more than 10 minutes.

Key Skills
Key Skills
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December 13, 2016