Year 8 Curriculum Choices

Important Dates

Please find below a timeline of events that have been put in place to support students and their parents in the Curriculum Choices decision making process:

Date Process
Monday 15th January 2018 Year 8 Assembly
Wednesday 24th January 2018 Year 8 Curriculum Choices Evening
Thursday 1st February 2018 Year 8 Parents’ Meeting
Thursday 8th February 2018 Final Option Choices

This is an important and exciting time for year 8 students as they are asked to make choices for courses leading to their GCSE or BTEC examinations in 2020.

Curriculum Choices Booklets and Option Sheets

Curriculum Choices booklets were handed out to students on Monday 22nd January, and they will also receive a copy of the Year 8 Curriculum Choices Option Sheet which has all of the subjects and pathways detailed in the booklet.

You may also view or download a copy of the booklet or option sheet below:

DOWNLOAD:  Year 8 Curriculum Choices Booklet 2018

DOWNLOAD:  Year 8 Curriculum Choices Option Sheet 2018

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