Key Stage 3

You will be learning to speak, listen, read and write in your foreign language. By the time you sit your GCSE exams, you will have experienced writing about the different topics using different formats in the foreign language, as well as speaking in a range of different situations related to those topics.

A simplified breakdown of the key stage three programme of study is provided below:

Year 7 Year 8
Half Term 1 My World. Past Holidays
Half Term 2 Hobbies Media
Half Term 3 School Food and drink
Half Term 4 Family Out and About
Half Term 5 Holidays Future Holidays
Half Term 6 Project Project


Key Stage 4 – GCSE

A simplified breakdown of the GCSE programme of study is provided below:

Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
Half Term 1 Free Time Life at school Global Issues I
Half Term 2 Health Family and Relationships Global Issues II
Half Term 3 Town The World of Work Revision
Half Term 4 Holidays I Customs and Festivals Revision
Half Term 5 Holidays II Free Time and Technology Revision
Half Term 6 GCSE skills GCSE skills Revision


How pupils’ learning will be assessed

Languages are assessed in four skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing. There are three papers and a speaking exam to complete:

  • Paper 1: Listening – 25% of your final grade
  • Paper 2: Speaking – 25% of your final grade
  • Paper 3: Reading – 25% of your final grade
  • Paper 4: Writing – 25% of your final grade

You will have to complete all the exams during year 11. The four exams are externally assessed and only one of them, the speaking exam, is conducted by your teacher. To make sure that you are well prepared for the year 11 exams, will be assessed on the four skills termly.


Additional Learning Resources


Revision opportunities and resources available in school:

  • Friday period 6 intervention in Year 11
  • Tuesday period 6 intervention in Year 10
  • Students shared documents folder in school network


Online Resources:

  • Duolingo – A free, fun language-learning website and app which allows you to track your progress, level up and compete with friends.
  • – A website full of interactive and downloadable Spanish GCSE revision resources, including past papers.
  • Gojimo – A free website and app which provides access to thousands of practise quiz questions, as well as the option to track your progress, strengths and weaknesses.
  • BBC GCSE Bitesize – A range of revision materials including downloadable audio bites.
  • Quizlet – A free website with interactive revision flashcards, games and learning tools.

Spanish learning games, vocabulary builders, verb conjugation trainers and grammar resources from GCSE to A Level.

Curriculum Narrative 

KS4 Spanish Curriculum Narrative