SAS (Skills Action Service)

Skills Action Service Curriculum Narrative

Qualifications are essential to success but so are skills, experience and your character. SAS is a chance to focus on these aspects of your development within the Academy day. SAS provides year 7, and 8 students with the opportunity to try new activities, support their community, and work in teams with people from inside and outside of the school. Just as importantly, we know that students very much enjoy their SAS options. This is evident in attendance and behaviour.

This year, the SAS programme started with a six week bounceback programme. This was developed by Educational Psychologists to address the impact that lockdown had on children and to support them in transitioning back into school. The programme focused on mindfulness, who to talk to, coping strategies and how nature can help us to stay healthy.

The SAS programme changes every year. Each student has the chance to pick three options over the year. Previous activities have included archery, language and culture, dance, creative cooks, musical theatre, sport, judo, film and cinema, and arts and crafts. Groups have previously had a mix of year groups to promote collaboration however this year we have stayed in year group bubbles.

SAS can and will lead absolutely anywhere: there is no part of the adult world where the project management skills, resilience, confidence, and enterprising attributes that SAS develops will not be incredibly useful. More than that, SAS provides you with opportunities to try new activities and the chance to develop an interest that may turn into a lifelong passion or a career.

Each student will receive merits based on their use of the Tudor Values, this will be tracked by the teacher.

Options 2020

Subject Teacher Year Room Main Activities
Mindset matters S Connor 7 L7 3K walk, nature, art
Outdoor Education D Jones 7 HUB Building fires, camps
Operation Earth A Daybell 7 U11 Climate change and sustainability pioneers
E Magazine A Betts 7 U18 Twinning with European schools. Hot topics, debating
Sports Leaders M Oldershaw 8 Sports hall Leadership and coaching through sport
Explore, Dream, Discover P Bell 8 L11 Resilience, team building, problem solving
Ancient Worlds E Cook 8 U1 Classics
Cultural Film Studies J Mortimer 8 U19 Film from all over the globe
Clash of the Titans C Hiam 8 U2 The art of debating