Careers Education

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance programmes make a major contribution in preparing young people for opportunities, responsibilities and experience of life. They help young people make decisions and manage transitions as learners and workers. It is vital that all 11-16-year olds have the knowledge and skills they need to make informed choices.

Tudor Grange Samworth Academy (TGSA) is committed to providing a planned programme of CEIAG for all students in Years 7-11, in partnership with outside agencies (Colleges, 6th Forms, Apprenticeship providers, Connexions and Universities).

The careers programme is designed to meet the needs of all students at TGSA. It is differentiated and personalised to ensure progression through activities that are appropriate to students’ stages of career learning, planning and development. We measure ourselves against the Gatsby benchmarks to assess the impact of the careers programme on pupils.

There is a heavy emphasis on careers support in Years 10 and 11 where students are supported with their research and preparation for applications for post 16 education or training. The programme includes career sessions and 1:1 career guidance activities, information through talks in assemblies, work-related learning (one week’s work experience in the summer term of Year 10) and other outside agency intervention.

For Year 11s, the autumn term is a crucial period where personal statements and profiles need to be completed. The local FE colleges, 6th Forms and training providers hold their open days during this term offering students the opportunity to speak to tutors in their chosen subject areas, and experience the college environment. Most open days are held in the late afternoon/evenings and on weekends so as not to impact on their learning. We strongly recommend students attend these events and apply to at least two different colleges.

Details of open days will be displayed in school but further information about courses and open days can be found by following the links below.

Baker Clause Policy Statement

This policy statement sets out the school’s arrangements for managing the access of providers to students at the school for the purpose of giving them information about the provider’s educations or training offer. This complies with the school’s legal obligations under Section 42B of the Education Act 1997.

Tudor Grange Academy uses the Gatsby Benchmarks as a guide to plan our careers programme. As part of our commitment to informing students of the full range of employment, learning and training pathways on offer to them, we are happy to receive requests from training, apprenticeships, employers and vocational educational providers to speak to our students.

We are particularly interested in hearing from providers in:

  • Digital Skills Sector
  • STEAM employers (science, technology, engineering, art and maths)
  • Manufacturing, gaming, ICT and construction
  • Health professions and social care.

A number of events, integrated into the school careers programme, will offer providers an opportunity to come into school to speak to our students, please refer to the school calendar for these events.

A provider wishing to request access should contact Heidi Robinson, CEIAG Co-Ordinator:

Telephone 0116 278 0232


Tudor Grange Academy welcomes feedback from parents, staff, pupils and employers on their whole careers strategy, if you would like to get in touch please contact Heidi Robinson on the above contact details.

Local Further Education

DOWNLOAD:  College & Sixth Form Open Events Autumn 2021
DOWNLOAD:  Open Days for CEIAG 2021

Further Education Colleges

Leicester College –

South Leicestershire College –

City Schools with 6th Form

St Paul’s Catholic School –

The City of Leicester College –

English Martyrs’ Catholic School –

New College –

County Schools with 6th Form

Beauchamp College –

Countesthorpe Leysland Community College –

Wigston College –

6th Form Colleges

Wyggeston & Queen Elizabeth 1st College –

Gateway College –

Local business? Can you help?

We are always looking to engage with local businesses to improve the support we can offer our students and staff in the delivery of the curriculum and wider opportunities, please do make contact with our careers leader if you can offer your assistance.

    Local Labour Market Information

    DOWNLOAD:  World of Work Leicestershire – Information for young people on industries across the local area

    LINK:  Other labour market resources can be found here

    DOWNLOAD:  National Careers Service E-Pack – Labour market information by region


    How do you find an apprenticeship?

    Go to ‘Find an apprenticeship’

    By setting up an account you will be able to:

    • Search and apply for the full range of apprenticeships available in your area
    • Save your searches and set up alerts
    • Apply on-line for jobs that interest you

    Alternatively, you can also register with the Leicester Employment Hub where you can find help getting ready for an apprenticeship, find information about Hub events and register for updates of the latest apprenticeships in your area.

    A guide to apprenticeships can be found here.

    *Please note, for students wishing to apply for an apprenticeship, due to the application process being so late in the year and the high demand, we recommend that students also apply to college so they have a secure plan in place.

    Apprenticeships Parents’ and Carers’ Packs

    June 2022 Pack
    May 2022 Pack
    April 2022 Pack
    March 2022 Pack
    January 2022 Pack
    December 2021 Pack
    July 2021 Pack
    June 2021 Pack
    May 2021 Pack

    LINK“The Parent Perspective” Podcast

    Further Education Application Process

    In Year 11 students will start the application process for their post 16 options. This is done via an online prospectus which offers young people a way to search and apply for their 16-18 choices within their surrounding area all on one site. Students can look for courses and save them in their favourites page until they are ready to make an application. We recommend that students apply for at least 2 or 3 courses with different providers in order to keep their options open and so that they always have a back-up.

    DOWNLOAD: Careers Plan 2020

    Personal Statement


    As part of our commitment to prepare students for a rapidly changing world, we are delighted to announce that we are using an innovative online resource called Kudos. Kudos will help your child to connect with their future career potential, develop their employability and help them to explore future career and study options at school or at home.

    How will your child use it?

    We will ask students to create their own account for Kudos at school, but it is accessible anytime on computers and compatible mobile and tablet devices.

    Your child will personalise their profile on Kudos with details about their skills, qualities, interests and work preferences. This provides a starting point for them to explore information matched to their personal preferences and interests. As they update their profile, Kudos will personalise this information, helping them to navigate the thousands of jobs, courses, providers and opportunities available. Kudos will help students to understand where they are on their journey and what’s important as they make their choices at GCSE, post-16 and post-18.

    We encourage you to use Kudos with your child at home. Encourage them to rate jobs, qualifications, colleges or universities so that we can see their preferences in order to support them better.

    Work Experience (Year 10)

    In Year 10 we actively encourage students to take part in a work experience module lasting one week, this usually takes place in the summer term and is run through the Leicester Education Business Company (LEBC). Students can opt to either organise a self-placement, or placements can be arranged on their behalf using an application process. All placements are checked by one of their NEBOSH assessors who undertake Health, Safety and welfare checks on all placement providers. Clear placement descriptions including the risk assessment and controls in place are provided to parents and staff in school. For further information about Work Experience and LEBC, please use the link below. A copy of the self-placement can be found here, or using the link below. All self-placement forms will need to be returned to school by Wednesday 25th October to be processed in time.

    LINK:  LEBC Website
    DOWNLOAD:  Work Experience 2022 Presentation
    DOWNLOAD:  Parent/Carer Guide to Work Experience
    DOWNLOAD:  Self-Placement Form
    DOWNLOAD:  A Guide to Choosing Work Experience Placements

    Year 11 Opportunities

    DOWNLOAD:  Loughborough University Year 11 What’s Next? VIP Event
    LINK:  Apprenticeship Programmes with Boots

    Careers Leaders

    Parents and employers can contact our careers leader, Mrs Robinson, for further information:

    Phone: 0116 278 0232

    The information will be reviewed annually.