Year 4

Welcome to Year 4’s year group page. This page contains general information to support parents/carers of children in Year 4. We also have class pages on Class Dojo, a secure website which can only be accessed by parents/carers of children in Year 4 at TGSA. This is where we will upload photographs and updates of what is going on in our classes. You can also use Class Dojo to get in touch with us and share the work that you child is doing at home.

Our Blog

July 2022

We have investigated the work of Banksy and how he uses stencils to create his images. We learnt that he used stencils to speed up the process as he has to be quick so that his identify is not discovered. We have looked at a number of his images and thought of the meaning or message behind them. We have used a collage technique to create our own graffiti Banksy walls.

This week we have been investigating all the different quadrilaterals we could make by using straws. We first had to cut some 4cm and 6cm lengths and use these to make different shapes. Once we had made our quadrilaterals we had to calculate the perimeter. As an extension we revisited all the different triangles we knew including scalene and right- angle triangles. Finally we created a range of different irregular shapes using all our straw pieces. In art we have started our final unit on graffiti artists by initially looking at the work of Keith Haring before we move onto look at the work of Banksy.

As part of our Global Learning Week we have looked at the United Nations Global Goals. We then looked at the paper we use and waste in class during the week and how this often just goes into the bin. We are going to ask the Student Council for some recycling bins so that we can recycle paper effectively and reduce our waste. Finally, we decided to use some of the paper to make tubes for our recycling project ...but what will me make?

June 2022

Year 4 has started our orienteering project around our school. We started by looking at coordinates in maths and then transferred this knowledge to investigating a map of our school. Then today we went out onto the oval and tried to find the various points on the map. The children really enjoyed applying our geographical and mathematical skills in a practical way.

Year 4 have been investigating food chains. We created flow charts to show how food energy moved from the producers (plants) through to consumers. We also activated our prior knowledge on predators and prey animals as well as the key features associated with all living things (Mrs Gren). Our final challenge was to create a visual food chain showing all the stages in a food chain from a top/apex predator.

In Year 4 this week we have continued our journey into digestion by exploring how our body digests food. First we broke our food down using our teeth. We then swallowed our food down our oesophagus into our stomachs. We then added some digestive juices (coke) to help break down our food further. We learnt that food can stay up to 4 hours in our stomach. The partly digested food then passes into the intestines. We used tights and our hands to show how the intestines squeeze all the water and nutrients out which are then used by the body. The left-over waste then leaves the body. We really enjoyed learning how our body works.

May 2022

This week we have been studying the artist Steve Brown who said ‘life is better with colour’. We explored his techniques and investigated his McCow range. As it is the Queen's Jubilee Steve updated an image as the Jubilee Lizzie McCow which we have used to create our own representations using wax crayon. As an extension we looked at wax resist using Andy Warhol’s pop art picture of The Queen. Both artists loved colour to create fun vibrant works of art which we have tried to recreate.

This week in Year 4 we have been investigating place value in maths including tenths and hundredths. We used straws to help us visualise this which has helped us as we have begun to explore money. In science this week we have been looking at the function and role of teeth. We set up this experiment today to look at how different foods affect our teeth. We put 3 eggs into water, coke and vinegar and made some predictions as to what will happen. We will find out on Monday.

March 2022

We have been investigating volcanoes as part of our Physical Geography unit. Today we labelled and added key features of a volcano whilst it was erupting. Our next challenge is to investigate the eruption of Pompeii in AD79.

Today was World Book Day and we dressed either as our favourite book character or in our PJ's ready for a bedtime story. It was lovely to see how much effort and creativity we have in year 4.

Today Year 4 did a live letter-writing workshop as part of World Book Day with Bethany Walker. Bethany shared ideas from her upcoming book ‘How to steal the Mona Lisa’ which is written in the form of letters. We learnt that letters are often used to share ideas, ask questions, build friendships and give an understanding of a character by giving them a voice. We then had a go at writing letters by taking on the personality and mood of different characters.

February 2022

We have been creating our display for World Book Day based on our book Max and his Millions. We have been creating our colour tribes that Max met on his adventure in Mr Darrow's room.

Year 4 have begun investigating area by looking at different shapes and counting squares. Our challenge today was to make different shapes with the area of 7 squares. We recorded these in our maths book. Some children took the challenge of including 1/2 squares.

We celebrated Number Day in Year 4. Our artwork was inspired by Jasper Johns' work using numbers. We had a Year 4 battle on Times Table Rock Stars throughout the day!

January 2022

It's been a busy month in Year 4. We have acted out the story of the Chinese New Year for KS 2 assembly, created a stain glass to represent the Trinity in RE, secured our understanding of division in maths, investigated how chocolate can change its state from a solid to a liquid and back to a solid again (tasting was involved!) and investigated how to write instructions for the Beebot to follow.