As an academy we feel strongly that the development of motor and interpersonal skills is enhanced by the opportunities and experiences students have outside the classroom. Hence, we provide a diverse range of activities that are part of a weekly timetable for students to opt into. These activities run after school and are delivered by staff who want to share their knowledge and passion.

Day Club Time Staff
Monday Yoga (Y4/5/6) [Invite Only] 12.20-12.40pm Mrs Wickens
Tuesday Judo (All Years) 3.00-4.15pm Miss Huller
Tuesday Football (Y3 & 4) 3.00-4.15pm Mr Barnett
Tuesday Football (Y5 & 6) [Invite Only] 3.00-4.15pm Mr Roberts
Tuesday Multiskills (Y1 & 2) 3.00-4.15pm Mrs Wickens
Thursday Dodgeball (Y2 to 5) 3.00-4.15pm Mr Barnett
Thursday Basketball (Y4/5/6) 3.00-4.15pm Coach Tom