What is Science?

Science is about the way in which we find out about things. It is about encouraging children to be curious. We want Science to make the children go WOW!

Science is split into 3 areas:

  • Biology – Learning about plants and animals (including humans!)
  • Chemistry – Learning about states of matter and how these can be changed
  • Physics – Learning about matter and energy and how they interact and can be changed

Science Skills

Through our lessons we encourage the children to develop their science skills:

We want children to ask questions

We direct teaching towards what the children want to know. We want them to ask questions. Our science work is based around answering the questions that the children have posed.

Send us your “Burning Questions”

We would like parents and children to email us any “burning questions” that they have about science! Our science ambassadors will find out the answers to the questions, and we will post them here on the school website. Please send any “burning” science questions to Mrs Milton at

Science Activity of the Month

Every month we will challenge you with a new science activity, based on different science topics. Just print off the page using the link below, complete the activity, return your answers to your class teacher and earn a house point!

DOWNLOAD:  January
DOWNLOAD:  December
DOWNLOAD:  November
DOWNLOAD:  October
DOWNLOAD:  September

Science Selfies

Please ask your parent/carer to send in a selfie which shows you and something to do with science. It could be absolutely anything from any of the science topics. Here are a few ideas:

  • Looking at something in nature
  • Standing in the sunshine – or rain!
  • Using a machine that was developed using science principles such as a hoover, toy car or anything using batteries
  • Eating a balanced meal or a healthy snack
  • Brushing your teeth
  • Taking something frozen out of the freezer
  • Looking at the stars

The possibilities are endless!

Please email your science selfies to, and include a sentence in the email about how you think your picture links to science. We will display these in a science selfie gallery here on the school website.

Primary Science Curriculum

DOWNLOAD:  Years 1 & 2 Science Curriculum
DOWNLOAD:  Years 3 & 4 Science Curriculum
DOWNLOAD:  Years 5 & 6 Science Curriculum

Science Vocabulary

DOWNLOAD:  Year 1 Science Vocabulary
DOWNLOAD:  Year 2 Science Vocabulary
DOWNLOAD:  Year 3 Science Vocabulary
DOWNLOAD:  Year 4 Science Vocabulary
DOWNLOAD:  Year 5 Science Vocabulary
DOWNLOAD:  Year 6 Science Vocabulary