Regular and punctual attendance of pupils at school is both a legal requirement and crucial to a pupil’s success – there is a clear link between a high rate of attendance and high achievement. If pupils are not in lessons they CANNOT LEARN! EVERY LESSON REALLY DOES COUNT!!

Statistics show missing 8.5 days (17 sessions) of school in any school year can reduce the success level of a pupil by 1 GCSE grade.

There may be a very good reason for absence from school, for example genuine illness and other medical issues, however there are many other reasons that cause pupils to have time off from school. If there are any reasons which are causing your child to not attend school please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Crewe, our Attendance & Welfare Officer, who can offer support to your child to improve their school life and attendance.

Where a pupil’s attendance is below 90%, it is the equivalent of missing 19 days of school = nearly 4 weeks or 95 lessons per year!

Attendance below 80% = 38 DAYS absence, nearly 8 WEEKS or 190 LESSONS per year! At the end of 5 years at the Academy, 80% attendance would result in a child missing 1 whole school year!

Persistent absent pupils

The Government and the Academy view school attendance regularly and whether authorised or unauthorised, if a pupil’s attendance drops below 90% they become classified as a Persistent Absent (PA) pupil. If a pupil becomes a PA pupil, Tudor Grange Samworth Academy may take legal action through our Education Welfare Service (EWS) dependant on the reasons for absence.

The EWS will instruct the school that further absences cannot be authorised without medical evidence (from your child’s doctor). In such circumstances, a note or call from parents stating absence due to illness will no longer suffice and further absences will be unauthorised.