Learning Resource Centre

The Academy has an extensive Learning Resource Centre (LRC) where pupils can borrow books for up to two weeks at a time. Throughout the day, the LRC provides a quiet learning environment for those pupils who may be working independently or within small group settings. During breaks and lunchtimes, the LRC is open to those who wish to read, complete homework, study or socialise quietly in a relaxed atmosphere.

In addition to the wide variety of fiction and non-fiction books, the LRC also has an IT area for pupils to access research materials safely and securely. Pupils can also access the ‘My Stickers’ reward system allowing them to log merits and purchase items through the virtual rewards shop.

The LRC is also home to Careers Information, Advice and Guidance (CIAG) where pupils can access a range of careers information, including college prospectuses, dates of open days and careers fairs, and general help with CV and Personal Statement writing for UCAS applications. In Year 11, students use UCAS Progress to apply to Sixth Forms, local FE colleges, training providers and apprenticeships.

As well as accessing the LRC, Primary children also benefit from reading zones throughout the Primary areas. These are designed to be comfortable, inviting and to develop a love of reading.

Resource Borrowing

The library operates a computerised management system (Oliver) controlling the borrowing and return of library resources. All staff and students automatically become members of the Library when they join Tudor Grange Samworth Academy.

Accelerated Reader

Currently the Academy uses the Accelerated Reader Programme throughout Years 1 to 7. Accelerated Reader is a powerful tool used for the monitoring and management of independent reading practice, helping our pupils to read for pleasure. A full Parent’s Guide can be found below.

Books in both the Primary Library and Main LRC are levelled in accordance with the programme, allowing pupils to read books within their reading range in order to accelerate progression.

DOWNLOAD:  Parent’s Guide to Accelerated Reader

Suggested Reading Lists

Click the links below for suggested reading lists for each school year:

DOWNLOAD:  Year 1 Suggested Reading List
DOWNLOAD:  Year 2 Suggested Reading List
DOWNLOAD:  Year 3 Suggested Reading List
DOWNLOAD:  Year 4 Suggested Reading List
DOWNLOAD:  Year 5 Suggested Reading List
DOWNLOAD:  Year 6 Suggested Reading List
DOWNLOAD:  Year 7 Suggested Reading List
DOWNLOAD:  Year 8 Suggested Reading List
DOWNLOAD:  Year 9 Suggested Reading List
DOWNLOAD:  Year 10 Suggested Reading List
DOWNLOAD:  Year 11 Suggested Reading List

LRC Opening Times (Supervised)

Monday to Thursday: 8.30am – 4pm

Friday: 8.30am – 3.30pm

Please note, some after school revision sessions will run past these times but these will be communicated by the supervising member of staff at the time.