Resilience 100 Challenge – Tudor Grange Samworth’s version of the Royal British Legion’s 11/11 challenge

As a school we wanted to do something special for the 100-year anniversary of the Royal British Legion, and we created our own version of their 11/11 challenge to spread awareness and raise as much money as possible for this incredible charity.

The aim for us was to complete a total of 22 miles each day, and the final mile would end on the 11th November at 11am. Mr Bell chose to run 11 miles himself each day, with the aim of staff and students matching his mileage.

Mr Bell and our head boy started the challenge off; however, we had no end of students wanting to take part, and no end of students arriving daily from as early as 6.30am to run or cycle.

Seeing the students so passionate about this cause has been incredible; seeing their dedication and enthusiasm has been amazing and inspiring.

There have been some key students throughout this who have taken it upon themselves to run every single day before and after school, smashing the daily mileage. These students have inspired others and we have seen students in years 7-11 take part.

The aim was to achieve 242 miles over the 11 days and although the final figures are still being counted, we have so far reached a combined mileage of 874.35.

Alongside this we have also had a bake sale which also raised over £100; all donations, and sponsorship money from the 11/11 challenge are still being counted but I think the amount raised absolutely beats any expectation we had.

On the 11th, we had a team of runners taking it in turns to run their final mile and we were joined by Ady from BBC Radio Leicester who interviewed Miss Robinson, Mr Bell and some of the students involved. The radio station has really supported us and this challenge, and we have had the opportunity to go live twice and have had pre recordings also go out (links are below of these features).

Students from nursery, early years and Year 11 had the opportunity to visit the memorial garden, lay poppies and we had readings from Mr Morton as the head boy and girl lay the academies wreaths.

This whole challenge has exceeded any expectations we had; we are incredibly proud of everyone who has taken part. We have certainly spread the awareness that we set out to achieve, and we have smashed the overall target that was set.

To everyone who has taken part from running, cycling, baking cakes, or even buying the cakes!! Thank you.

BBC Radio Leicester Interviews

How to Donate

If you wish to donate, you can do so directly to the Royal British Legion here:

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